Tennis Courts

Notice: The Tennis Courts in PMC will be closed Monday, June 11th through Monday, June 18th
due to resurfacing the courts. We apologize for the late notice, but the company doing the work
has been monitoring the weather and has decided that the weather this week is perfect for the
resurfacing job.

Tennis Court Information:
To obtain a key to the tennis courts, members in good standing and guests may go to the business office or purchase a key for $5.00.
Click here to purchase a tennis court key.

The PMC Tennis Club is currently non-active. Click here for information about the Tennis Club.

Pickleball takes place Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m.on the PMC Tennis Courts.

Pine Mountain Club Tennis Court Rules

  • Courts are reserved for PMC members and their guests. Guest cards must be obtained in advance.

  • PMC members who want to use the courts after the office is closed can purchase an annual tennis court key for $5.

  • Please turn the light off before leaving the court.

  • PMC members are responsible for their guests. There is a court reservation sign-up sheet when needed.

  • Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult. Children 8 through 11 must be accompanied by someone 15 or older.

Tennis Etiquette

  • Tennis shoes with non-scuffing soles must be worn.

  • Everyone must wear shirts.

  • The only beverage allowed on the court is water in non-breakable containers. Food is not allowed on the courts.

  • If others are waiting, please remember that there is a time limit to play (typically 1 hour).

  • Excess noise, radios, yelling or profane language are not allowed.

  • Roller blades, roller skates, skate boards and bicycles are not allowed.

  • All debris is to be removed when play is finished.

  • Court gates are to be kept closed at all times.

  • Throwing of any foreign materials on the court is prohibited.